"I got soul, but I'm not a soldier."

(A student portfolio in progress at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA.)

Molly Maid 

What’s the best thing about hiring a cleaning service? They make your home as clean as a hotel! 

AD:  Na’im Carlyle 

Billy Jealousy 

Sex sells, but a whole new persona is even better. 

Retro Mini

Some of the greatest childhood memories for Millennials was hanging out with a few friends named Mario, Kirby and Donkey Kong. That is, until the batteries ran out. The Retro Mini brings back that nostalgia without the hassles of 90s technological limitations. 

AD: Na’im Carlyle 

Boutique Air 

Ever notice airlines shove you in a steel tube like cattle? Now, you can skip the typical cattle call boarding process and fly like the privileged 1%. 

AD:  Raule Napier

TV Spots 

Made for those who hate reading. 

CSL Plasma 

Some people are made of money; they just don’t know it. And there’s no better way to make money than by helping others in need. 

Co-CW:  Christian Zerbel 

Co-CW:  Emily Friedman 

MAC Lipstick 

No matter how unique you are, MAC Lipstick gives you the shade you need to be defiantly bold.

Co-CW – Whitney Rayner 

Co-CW:  Emily Friedman 

AD:  Paige Lowe 

For Eyes 

Your eyes deserve more than blind justice. Getting an up-to-date prescription at your local For Eyes will help clear things up.

Co-CW:  Emily Demario 

AD:  Duncan Spear 


When consumers can’t read my beautiful copy, I have no other choice but to corrupt them with vibrating air molecules. 

Long-form Ads 

Some people enjoy a little storytelling. Perfect for a Sunday paper or whenever your phone dies.